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Outdoor USB Rechargeable Flashlight

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1. Aluminum alloy material, sturdy and durable, compact and portable. 2. High brightness LED and T6 lights, with one button to control 6 lighting modes, easy to operate. 3. The focal length is adjustable, and you can zoom in / out simply by pulling the lamp holder. 4. The design of the hook ring at the top is very suitable for use as a chandelier. 5. It can be used as a table lamp, as long as the installation of transfer screws and triangle bracket, you can become a table lamp. 6. USB charging, built-in rechargeable lithium battery, which can be powered by mobile power supply or connection adapter. 7. Widely used in family, outdoor activities, hiking, night biking, fishing, camping, exploration, and so on.Specification:  

1. Name: Telescopic flashlight2. Material: aluminum alloy + ABS3. Color: A: Black, B: Green, C: Orange4. Flashlight size: diameter: 2.7cm/1.06in, telescopic front length: 12.4cm/4.88in, telescopic rear length: 13.6cm/5.35in5. 1/4 adapter nut size: diameter: 2.7cm/1.06in6. Tripod size: 124 * 21 * 16mm/4.88*0.83*0.63in (storage), unfolded height: about 135mm/5.35in7. Light beads: main light T6 light beads, sidelights 50 LED light beads8. Light color: white for the main light; white and warm yellow for the sidelights9. Lighting mode: main light (strong / weak, scalable adjustment); side white light (strong / weak); side yellow light (strong / weak)10. Power supply: built-in rechargeable lithium battery11. Charging method: USB charging12. Specifications: A/B/C: Flashlight+Tripod+Nut, D: Tripod+Nut 

Package includes:

1 X Retractable Flashlight1 X USB Charging Cable1 X Adaptor Nut1 X Tripod



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